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Viedma - Río Negro - Argentina

Viedma is the capital of the province and is located 200 km north of Las Grutas.

Viedma is the capital of the Rio Negro province. It’s found north to Las Grutas and by the Rio Negro river at the border of Buenos Aires’s province limit.

The main attractions are:

  • El Condor bathing resort. It’s located at 28km from Viedma city at Rio Negro’s mouth, where it meets with the Atlantic ocean.
  • Road of the coast (Ruta de la costa). It’s almost 200km of steeps between El Condor bathing resort and Las Grutas city, going through San Antonio.  In the journey pale ontological and geological rests of great scientist and historical value can be seen.
  • Punta Bermeja’s natural reserve. Created in 1976 to preserve the one haired seals.

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