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San Carlos de Bariloche

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San Carlos de Bariloche - Río Negro - Argentina

The city of Bariloche is one of the main touristic destinations of Patagonia and Argentina. The city of Bariloche is known for the scenery and the ski center it owns. Cerro Catedral is the most important ski center of Bariloche. Tourists have a wide variety of hotels, hostels, restaurants, Winter Sports Centers, Tours, Car rental agencies, spas to take full advantage of your stay. The city of Bariloche is connected by a large number of daily flights to Buenos Aires and other tourist centers of Argentina.

The city of Bariloche is the main tourist center in the province of Río Negro, located in the south bank of the Lake Nahuel Huapi.

This region can be visited during the whole year, in each of the four seasons.

Winter is the high-season between June and August in Bariloche as it offers one of the main ski centers of the country. It does not mean that during the summer the city is not popular, with temperatures usually higher than 30ºC (86ºF).

The main excursions and interest areas of the city of Bariloche are:

  • The Civic Center. The most visited point by tourists.
  • The Cathedral, San Martín Street and Lake Nahuel Huapi side path.
  • Cerro Cathedral (Mt Cathedral).
  • Circuito Chico (Small Circuit) with the traditional Llao Llao Hotel and the Punto Panorámico (Panoramic Point)
  • Mt. Otto
  • Lake Moreno
  • Mt. Tronador with the Larches’ Waterfall (Cascada de los Alerces).
  • Victoria Isle with its Luma Apiculata (Chilean Myrth) Wood.
  • El Bolsón with Lake Puelo
  • Villa La Angostura
  • San Martín de los Andes through the Seven-lake Route or Paso Córdoba.
  • Villa Traful

You can reach Bariloche from Jorge Newbery Airport in the City of Buenos Aires or from the most important tourist centers in Argentina. During the high-season, direct international flights from Chile and Brazil arrive in our country. Another alternative is land transportation by bus or car taking the National Route 237.

The common way to go sightseeing is by hiring a local tourism company which offers a variety of alternatives. Another possibility is to rent a car, allowing the tourist to make the excursions and travel all over the city and its surroundings. There are, as well, lines of public transports which reach tourism points of interest, like Mt. Cathedral or the Llao Llao Hotel.

Regarding gastronomy, these options are highly recommended:

  • Regional jams, like Elder Tree, Redcurrant or Rosa Mosqueta’s.
  • Trout in their different cooking techniques.
  • Smoked products (trout, deer or wild boards) in the form of pâté or cold meats.

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