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Argentines farms with hunting grounds

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Argentines farms with hunting grounds – La Pampa

La Pampa Province allows tourists to enjoy the country life typical of Argentina. The Pampa has an important hunting enabled. Tourists can choose between staying in an Estancia and fully enjoy the Argentine countryside or in hotels, mostly located in the city of Santa Rosa, capital city of the province of La Pampa.

Argentines farms with hunting grounds – La Pampa

The tourism at farms is one of the principal attractions of the province of La Pampa. This province is provided with a high number of hunting grounds enable for the mayor andminor animal hunting.Animals for the mayor hunting are the deer; the wild boar, and the puma, animals for minor hunting are the hares, partridges, ducks, the South American hare vizchacha and the belt animal. The hunting is only allowed on qualified hunting grounds and the hunter should be informed with the corresponding hunting permissions.

This type of tourism permits to the visitor to be part of the argentine farms life and knowing their customs and typical meals. On the other hand to enjoy activities as horseback riding, safari photographic and to participate on Creole agility tournaments.

The province of La Pampa offers also excellent possibilities to do fishing in rivers and lagoons. It is possible to practise it by boat or from the coast of the rivers and lagoons.

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