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Tucumán - Tucumán - Argentina

The city of Tucumán is one of the most important historical cities of Argentina. Argentina's independence was declared in the House of Tucumán. Tucumán has an excellent infrastructure of hotels, car rental agencies, restaurants, spas for tourists enjoy visiting the city.

The San Miguel de Tucuman city is found 1200km from Buenos Aires city. It’s the capital of Tucuman province. You can arrive from Buenos aires by air or by land using the 9 route.

It was declared historical city by the national government because of it’s protagonical part in the national history and it’s architectonic richness.

In the city these stand out:

  • The Tucuman house. Building in which the independence of the Argentina republic was declared in july 9th 1816.
  • The independence park.
  • The church and convent of San Francisco. It’s the historical monument where the Argentinean flag  used in the declaration of independence is found.
  • The Cathedral. After the cathedral of Buenos Aires, it’s the oldest of the country.
  • Yerba Buena. Residential area outside the city at the foot of the mountains.

The main tours inside the province are:

  • Aimacha del Valle. It’s found 160km form San Miguel de Tucuman city in the  tucuman’s Calchaquies valley. The main interest points
    • Quilmes’ ruins. It’s found at 1978 metres over the sea level. It was the biggest pre Columbian  human settlement of Argentina. At the ruins, it can be seen how the diaguitas organized their city structure and how their daily life was.
    • Pachamama complex.
  • Simoca. Located from 50km from San Miguel de Tucuman, it counts with one of the most traditional fairs of the country.
  • Tafi del Valle. Located at 110km from San Miguel de Tucuman. It’s the main tourist center of the province. It’s found in the middle of the calchaquies valleys. The main interest points are:
    • Calchaquies valley.
    • Menhires park. Located at 11km with over 100 stones of archeological interest.      

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