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Laguna Blanca

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The Reservation of the Biosphere Lagoon Blanca

The Biosphere Reserve Laguna Blanca is located in the Province of Catamarca in northern Argentina. The city of Catamarca available hotels, car rental agencies, tour companies, restaurants for tourists to enjoy a visit to the Biosphere Reserve Laguna Blanca.

The Reservation of the Biosphere Lagoon Blanca – Catamarca


The Reservation of the Biosphere Lagoon Blanca is in the Catamarca province. It was founded in 1979 for the protection of the alpaca and as Provincial reservation.

In 1982 the UNESCO incorporated the program “The Human and The Biosphere” (MAB). The reservation has a 770.000 hectares surface and it’s located between 3200 and 5500 meters on the sea level, in the regions of Antofagasta de la Sierra and Belén.

The flora is constituted by steppes with arid and salty areas. In the rocky areas are different species of cactus and in the low areas you will find lagoons and creeks with diverse types of reeds.

In the fauna are living vicunas, stinks, wild cats, grey- and red foxes, chinchillas, a South American hare called vizcacha and an important quantity of birds as partridge, nandu, flamingo, gull, etc.

You also find several local places in the reservation; the most important is the village Laguna Blanca. The chapel San Juan Bautista is the most excellent construction of the same one.

The principal activities that can be realized are:

  • Observation of nature and animals
  • Safari Photo shooting
  • Trout fishing
  • Trekking
  • Horseback riding
  • Visits by artisans

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