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Cataratas del Iguazú - Misiones - Argentina

Iguazu Falls are located in the Province of Misiones. The Iguazu Falls are a major tourist attraction that is Argentina. Tourism will have on his visit to Iguazú Falls with a wide range of tourist services: hotels, restaurants, excursions, car rental agencies, etc.

The city of Posadas is located 1,050 km away from the city of Buenos Aires. Posadas is the capital of the province of Misiones. The name of the province of Misiones is due to the Jesuit missions which lived in this region in the time of the Spanish Conquest.

The ruins of the Jesuit missions next to the Iguazú Waterfalls are the main attractive points in the city.

The Iguazú waterfalls are placed inside the Iguazú National Park 16 km away from the city of Puerto Iguazú. The city of Iguazú is 300 km away from the city of Posadas. The Iguazú waterfalls form an arch of 3 km with heights which go from 50 to 80 meters. The route can be fulfilled on foot or by taking an inner train which belongs to the park. Iguazú has a number of waterfalls: Bosseti, Ramírez, Garganta del Diablo (Satan’s Throat) among others.

The City of Puerto Iguazú and its surrounding area has a tourist infrastructure of international level. The Airport to Iguazu is connected with several daily flights to the domestic airport in Buenos Aires. City of Iguazú has numerous hotels, car rental agencies, spas, and all kinds of services for tourists enjoy your visit

The San Ignacio Mini Ruins is the best conserved mission. It Is located 60 km away from Posadas, very closed to the city of San Ignacio. The plan of the city is very similar to those Jesuit Missions: with a central square, surrounded by a church, the Town Council, the houses and the cemetery

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