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Formosa - Formosa - Argentina

The city of Formosa is located in northern Argentina. It is one of the youngest province capital of Argentina. Formosa has hotels, restaurants, shows to meet the different requirements of tourism.


The city Formosa is the capital city of the province of same name. Formosa is one of the youngest cities of Argentina, since it was founded on 8th of April in 1879. It´ s 1800 km far to Buenos Aires and in the elbow of the river Paraguay.

The city or Formosa is surrounded of extending water and is an area mainly based on agriculture. The charm of the population is the principal character of Formosa.

The principal interesting points for the tourist are:

  • The cathedral Nuestra Señora de Carmen, built in 1896.
  • House of the culture.
  • A trip around the coast of Formosa
  • The nature reserve Guaycolec. It` s located 25 km from the city of Formosa. It’s destined to preserve the fauna and indigenous flora.
  • Mission San Francisco de Laishí is situated 61 km from the city of Formosa. This mission was founded of the Franciscans in 1901 taking the name of the chief Laishí. 
  • Herradura. It’s 44 km from the city of Formosa to the south on the route 11. This place was created by the Jesuits in 1763 and it `s an excellent tourist village.

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