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Entre Rios

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Entre Rios - Argentina

The province of Entre Ríos is part of the Mesopotamia Argentina. The city of Paraná is the capital. Colón, Concepción del Uruguay and Gualeguaychú are cities of the Province of Entre Rios. The tourist has a broad range of hotels, car rental agencies, restaurants, sightseeing, entertainment, spas in each of the cities of Entre Rios.

The Entre Rios province has innumerable tourist attractions all around the province. Because it’s surrounded by the Paraná and Uruguay river, with the provinces of Corrientes and Misiones it makes part of the argentine Mesopotamia region.

The main tourist points are:

  • Paraná city. It’s the province’s capital. It’s found 500kms from Buenos Aires by the underwater tunnel. This tunnel, that joins it with the Santa Fe city in the province of the same name, is one of the main attractions. Other interest points are the Cathedral, the San Miguel Church and the Urquiza Park in the city itself. The Diamante City at 50km and the Maria Grande Thermal-water Complex at 60km are other must-sees. The last location is a thermal-water complex with pools ate different temperatures that vary between 39 to 47 Celsius degrees.
  • Gualeguaychu city. Located by the Uruguay River. It’s found at 295km from Paraná and 250km from Buenos Aires. In this city, the province’s most colorful event is held: the carnival. It’s held in the Corsodromo of Gualeguaychu every Saturday between January and the first week of March.
  • Concepcion del Uruguay city. It’s located 280km from Parana and 300km from Buenos Aires city. The province’s most important historical building is the  San Jose palace and it’s found 30km from the city. In it, the governor and first constitutional president of Argentina, General Justo Jose de Urquiza, lived. The palace contains a Chapel, 18 rooms and service rooms. It also has a central patio, wide gardens surrounding it and an artificial lake.
  • Colon city. Located by the Uruguay river and at 265km from Parana and at 330km from Buenos Aires city. The city has innumerable attractions. The main attraction is the El Palmar national park. It’s found 50km north of the city. It has an area of 8500has. The typical exemplar is the Yatay palm, with plants over 18 metres tall and some of them over 200 years old. In the park foxes, ñandues, capybaras, lizards, vizcachas and another local species can be found living. Other interest points are the towns near Colon founded by the diverse European colonists. Some of them are:
    • San Jose, founded by Swiss immigrants. You can find here the museum showing the history of the founding families.
    • Liebing Town 12km from Colon, English-styled  Lievig town held one of the main refrigerators and at last
    • Villa Elisa that has the Immigration museum. It was founded by Swiss colonists.

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