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Talampaya - La Rioja - Argentina

Talampaya National Park is a Natural Heritage (Patrimony) Site and one of the greatest tourist attractions of La Rioja and Argentina. The city of La Rioja has an important structure of hotels, restaurants, car rental agencies and tourist agencies. The tourists started the tours usually to the Talampaya National Park from this city.

Talampaya National Park is located in the province of La Rioja, 60 km away from the city of Villa La Unión and 240 km away from the city of La Rioja.

Talampaya National Park is a humanity Natural Heritage (Patrimony) declared by the UNESCO. One of the main attractions of the Talampaya national park comes from the formation of impressive figures in the mountains like La Ciudad Perdida (The lost City), Los Reyes Magos (the Three Wise Men), El Tablero de Ajedrez (The Chessboard), Las Catedrales (The Cathedrals), El Fraile (The Friar) or Los Balcones (The Balconies) made by water and wind erosion. In the center of the Quebrada (uneven area) the walls reach 145 mt height. The paleontological sites of Talampaya National Park are as important as the natural formations.

They belong to the triasic period where turtle fossils dated from 210 million years ago have been found. Another attraction are the ancient inhabitants of the region. The visits to the Talampaya National Park can be divided into three circuits: El Murallón (The Great Wall), Los Cajones (The Drawers) and La Ciudad Perdida (The Lost City).

The Talampaya National Park can be reached from La Unión Village through Route 76 or from La Rioja through Route 38 and Route 150 junction.

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