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Córdoba - Córdoba - Argentina

The city of Córdoba is located in the centre of Argentina. Córdoba has an international airport and a number of hotels, restaurants, car rental agencies, spas and other tourism services.

The city of Córdoba, capital of the province under the same name, is located 700 km away from the city of Buenos Aires. From its foundation it has been characterized due to its strong religious and university presence. That is why it is know as the “Docta”.

In the Córdoba city we can highlight: the Manzana Jesuítica (Jesuit Block) declared as Cultural Heritage of the UNESCO, the Cathedral and the Town Council among other colonial jewels.

The inner area of the Córdoba province offers a variety of tourist alternatives, highlighting:

  • Ascochinga: 60 km away from Córdoba, where the Santa Catalina Jesuit farm is located.
  • Colonia Caroya: famous due to its production of Salami, cheeses and regional wines.
  • La Falda: La Candelaria Jesuit Farm, 52 km away from this city and the Eden hotel in the center of La Falda. The Jorge Rojas asados (barbecue) are impossible to let them pass but exclusive.
  • Jesús María: the Jesús María and Santa Catalina Jesuit Farms. The city of Jesús María is famous thanks to its breaking-in and folklore festival.
  • Mina Clavero: The route through the Altas Cumbres and the Condorito National Park.

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