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Downtown - City of Buenos Aires - Argentina

The downtown of Buenos Aires's city is located in the original historic City. Tourists will find numerous attractions in this area of the city as shopping centers, theaters, cinemas, historic monuments, museums, hotels, restaurants, rent a car, spas and other services for Tourism .

The centre of the city offers as wide range of option which deeply defer among them, making this neighborhood deeply attractive. The most important financial and political activities are concentrated In this area of the city. An important number of headquarters and main offices which belong to the most important national and international companies have chosen this neighborhood to settle down. We can describe 4 circuits to trip around this area of Buenos Aires's City:

Old Quarter – Historic Buenos Aires's City Center (Montserrat Neighborhood)

The circuit to trip around begins in Plaza de Mayo (De Mayo Square) opposite the Pink House: seat of the Executive Power of the Nation. Going though the square you will see the Pirámide de Mayo (May’s Pyramid). On Rivadavia Avenue you can notice the Headquarter of the Nación Argentina Bank, built by Bustillo Architect with is inner dome being one of the biggest throughout the world. On the corner of Rivadavia Avenue and San Martín, there is the Buenos Aires Cathedral were the mortal remains of the Father of our country, General San Martín,  rest in peace. On the opposite side of Plaza de Mayo lies the Town Council on 65, Bolivar Street. Going along Bolivar Street you will be able to see the San Ignacio Church and next to it the Nacional Buenos Aires School (this block is known as “Manzana de las Luces” – “Lights Block”). This is the place where the Jesuit settled in 1633. In the centre of this block, a series of subterranean tunnels connected with the surrounding buildings have their source. Walking along Alsina Street, you will appreciate during your route to Defensa Street: Ávila Bookstore, María Josefa Ezcurra’s House, La Puerto Rico Café, Altos de Elorriaga, La Estrella Drugstore, the Chruch, the San Francisco Convents and the San Roque Chapel. Taking Defensa Street towards Belgrano Avenue, you will notice Rivadavia’s House, Nuestra Señora del Rosario Church and the Santo Domingo Conevnt on the corner with Belgrano Avenue. Going along until México Street, there is the Former Casa de la Moneda (House of Currency), finishing the tour at 560 México Street in the former Central Library.The first tour of downtown Buenos Aires ended at this point.

Avenida de Mayo (De Mayo Avenue)

This route sets off from Plaza de Mayo and finishes in the Nation’s Congress after crossing the Plaza de los dos Congresos (the Two Congresses Square). On De Mayo Avenue you can appreciate the City of Buenos Aires Government Seat facing the Town Council. By 560 De Mayo Avenue, there is the Roverano Passage, further, the Urquiza Anchorena Palace and finally the Vera Palace. The Café Tortoni is located at 825 on De Mayo Avenue. After crossing 9 de Julio Avenue, theirs is the Castelar Hotel, the Avenida Theater, Los 36 Billares Bar (36-Billard Bar), the Barolo Building to reach the Two Congresses’ Palace.  Opposite, on the corner with Callao Avenue, you will find El Molino Café.The second tour of downtown Buenos Aires ended at this point.

Corrientes Avenue and Lavalle Square

The route sets off on the corner of Corrientes and Callao Avenues. For you to find it in an easier way, you will see between brackets the exact number address of the tourist attraction: the Paseo La Plaza –La Plaza Walk- (1660), The Presidente Alvear Theater (1659), The General San Martín Theatre (1530), La Giralda Café (1453), El staño Café (on Talcahuano Street corner). Turning into Talcahuano, you will find the Law Courts  (550) and opposite, Lavalle Square. Walking through Lavalle Square until Libertad Street, there is the Argentine Congregation Synagogue (761). On the corner of Córdoba Avenue there is the Cervantes Theater. After turning into Córdoba and again into Cerrito, at 618 you will be able to appreciate the Colón Theater, which was inaugurated in 1908 being one of the most important architecture works in the city and one of the most outstanding lyrical theatres all over the world. Going back to Corrientes and Talcahuano. Go along Corrientes Avenue and you will see: the Blanco Podestá Theatre (1283), the Lola Membrives Theatre (1280), El Vesuvio Bar (1181), the ObelisK  (on the corner with 9 de Julio Avenue), El Nacional Theater (960), the Methodist Evangelic Church (718), the Building Corrientes 348, the Correo Central Palace on the corner of Leandro N. Alem getting to the Luna Park on the corner with Bouchard Street.The third tour of downtown Buenos Aires ended at this point.

Florida Walk away and Retiro

The pedestrian walk away Florida begins on Rivadavia Avenue, just a 100m away from the Plaza de Mayo and goes along until reaching San Martín Square in the neighborhood of Retiro. While if you take this route, you will be able to see the Bank Boston on the corner of Diagonal Norte Avenue, on the next block, Güemes Galery which has another exit on San Martín Street. Just a few meters before getting to Corrientes Avenue, there is El Ateneo Bookshop. If you cross Lavalle pedestrian walk away you will see Jardín Gallery just a few meters away. In the junction of Florida with Córdoba Avenue, you will find the Galerías Pacífico Shopping Mall (whether you want so, you may take a look at the inner dome with paitings by Berni, Castagnino, Spilimbergo, Colmeiro and Urruchua). Opposite, you can notice the Circuito Naval (Naval Circuit). When reaching Santa Fe Avenue, there’s San Martín Square. Turn into Santa Fe Avenue where the Museo de Armas de la Nación (Nation’s Arms Museum) and the Círculo Militar  are placed and go along this Avenue until Esmeralda Street turning into Arenales. At 1212 Esmeralda Street, you will find the State Department and at 761 Arenales, the San Martín Palace. Go back to the junction of Florida Pedestrian Walk away and Santa Fe Avenue. Crossing San Martín square, you will notice the General San Martín monument. Walk along Santa Fe Avenue toward Leandro N. Alem and you will find the Marriot Hotel, the Kavanagh Building, the Santísimo Sacramento Basilica on 1053 San Martín. Go as far as Leandro N. Alem Avenue where the Sheraton Hotel is placed. In the center of the square you will be able to see the Monument to the English people and on the other side of the square, it is situated Retiro station. From this point, you can see the Pirelli Tower on the other side of San Martín square. Turn into Leandro N. Alem until Reconquista. Reconquista Street between Leandro N. Alem and Viamonte is highly characterized by its bars and pubs where, at dusk, it is easy to mix up with other tourists and “porteños” (inhabitants from the city of Buenos Aires).The third tour of downtown Buenos Aires ended at this point.

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