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Tigre - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Tigre is a town north of the city of Buenos Airess where visitors can take walks and see the delta of the Parana river. Tigre has a ready infrastructure for tourism with various tours and travel services of international level such as: restaurants, yacht clubs, spas, hotels and other services for tourists.

Tigre is located in the North area of the city of Buenos Aires, in the Great Buenos Aires and about 30 km away from downtown.

The visitor can reach the place

  • By train

·         Setting off from Retiro station in the City of Buenos Aires, Bartolomé Mitre Train (Tigre Branch Line) getting off in Tigre Station.

·         Setting off from the same station (Retiro), take Mitre branch line until Mitre station where you should take the Tren de la Costa as far as Delta station. This is an ecological train, basically with a tourist purpose and goes around the margin of Río de la Plata as far as Delta del Tigre Station after riding more than 15 km

  • By car

·         Along Del Libertador Avenue passing by the neighborhoods of: Recoleta, Palermo, Belgrano, Nuñez, Vicente López, Olivos, La Lucila, Martínez, Acasusso, Beccar, San Fernando, Victoria arriving in Tigre.

·         Taking Del Sol Highway in San Isidro, take the Tigre line getting to Tigre train station.

  • By Bus:From the different neighborhoods of the city of Buenos Aires, there are many lines which can take you to various points of the center of Tigre, being one of them the popular line 60.


Tourists can visit these different points of interest:

  • El Puerto de Frutos (Fruit Port), where typical objects from the Delta are commercialized.
  •  The Tigre Art Museum, placed in the former site of Tigre Club on Paseo Victoria Street.
  •  The Nation’s Navy Museum, at 602 Paseo Victoria Street.
  • Catamaran tours to the Tigre’s Delta.

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